2. The task system

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The task system in TerraMartis4x

The gameplay on the galaxy map is turnbased in TerraMartis4x while battles run in real time. Everything you do outside of battles like building ships, colonizing planets, research, planing attacks, invasions or espionage is based around a task system.

The number of tasks or strategic decisions you can make, is the same between early, mid and endgame per turn. What varies is the focus of the tasks during each phase of the game. While the focus is primarly on colonization in the beginning, it changes to research, intel garthering, production and then more and more on warfare later on.

The task system is limited to 5 active tasks per turn and 5 pending task. Pending tasks are handled like a queue system as soon as one active task is done the next pending task becomes active. The active tasks are worked on in parallel. This system gives the player the freedom to plan e.g. 5 researches at the same time or run 5 attacks in parallel or have any mix of task you think is important to you as strategy.

The task system ensures that the number of strategic decisions remains the same. You shouldn’t feel like you are working for the game during the middle game or end game. The only thing that increases as the game progresses are the possibilities to base your decisions on.

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