1. The combat system

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The combat system in TerraMartis4x

The combat system in this space 4x game is similar to the one in the TotalWar series.
The system gives you two choices how to execute a battle. On one hand you can choose to autoresolve a battle. The end result is then calculated immediately when two fleets meet.

Choice combat system

If you want to have shorter play session autoresolve gives you a shortcut from long running battles. You can leave it to the combat system to autoresolve battles for you when your forces are superior and when the outcome is obvious before the battle starts.

The automated battle system takes the different ship types into account. Each ship type has advantages against certain other types. The battle system also favors larger over smaller fleet numbers.


This means that the same fleet compositions always lead to the same result, if you choose autoresolve. With the automated battle system there is no element of chance or randomness that help you to win. However if you choose a manual battle then even if your fleet is outnumbered, you can win the battle with better tactics or ship formations. Manual battles run in realtime. You control ships in this mode individually.

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